Sunday, March 6, 2011


As the title says, i want to talk about this rimmel london nail polish as the most shiny nail polish i've ever tryed!

a while ago i was looking for a matte topcoat and i found an offer on Rimmel polishes: "get one Rimmel Pro nail polish and you get a matt topcoat for free!"
Since i never had any kind of Rimmel lacquer i chose the first color that crossed my eyes without paying much attention to it (my main interest was the matt topcoat).
When i tryed it i was so amaized by it's shine, i don't know if it's the color effect or if it's the product itself, also the texture is reaaaaally smooth and another particular thing is the flat/wide brush that helps getting a good application.

The polish is a very very dark eggplant/aubergin brownish color, n° 416 night flight 
(didn't find it among the list on their website though)
unfortunately there isn't a wide range of colors! -only 16 shades-

 i also wouldn't say "mistake free application", the wide brush does help getting a more precise application, but perfection is achieved through practice anyway ;-)

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  1. I have a few of these, not all of them are equaly shiny though, but in general the cream finish ones from there are! :) and as you say the wide brush is great for getting an even application