Sunday, February 13, 2011

CRACKLE NAIL POLISH: Graffiti by Layla

Today i want to talk about the cracked or crackle nail polishes, those polishes got itno the market on late 2010 and in few month alot of brands came out with those particular polishes..
 The first time i saw them i wanted to have them in my collection so bad, but here in italy the only brand that used to sell them was the brand "LAYLA" and they cost 9€ each (around 12$) too much, but couldn't resist trying them so i got 3 colors, pink, black and white and then a friend of mine gifted me a red graffiti color.

here are the pictures of the ones i got and the little book of the presentation:

what's strange about these varnishes is that they tend to dry istantly once applyed (need to be very fast) and they cracks while drying, it's a nice effect and really funny to watch how they work.
they have a matt finish so you can either keep it in a matt finish or apply a shiny top-coat!

I applyed a matt green color underneth the graffiti black polish.

One thing to be carefull of when applying the crackle polish is to make sure that the base color have to be completely dry either way the risk is that even the base color will crack with the crackle polish
here is a close up picture that show the bad resault:

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