Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NailTek-the natural nail experts

Two week ago i bought from ebay two products of nailTek, i heard that their products are very good so i wanted to try them out my self; Since my nails are really weak i got the Nailtek 2 (nail tek II) intensive therapy for soft peeling nails, this formula is specific for nails that are thin soft and tend to peel or break  easly, and that is my case!  In the little guide paper that came along in the box of the nail polish says that it works by sealing the layers of the nail together and withtime, it thickens the nails while promoting strength and flexibility.

For now i can't tell how good it is, but by far the 3-4 applications i put seems that made a very little positive effect for the peeling issue of my nails! :)

The other product i bought is Nail Tek Quicken (fast setting polish dryer), the title says it all, it really works fine! ofcourse there's nothing in the world that drys nail polishes in the blink of an eye, but didn't ever happend that you apply 2-3 coats of polish and then you wait like forever for it to dry?! and then after hours you think  it's completley dry but as soon as you look at your nails again you find they have little scratches and smudges?!? well, this happens every time with me and with nail tek quicken i've finally solved this problem.

BUT, there's one thing that i didn't like of one or the other product (i'm not sure yet). The first time i applyed both of them, using the intensive therapy as a base then a maybelline polish and nailtek quicken as top coat, the day after the nail polish started to peel (like if it's a very thin sheet or sticker!!)

so i tryed again but using another polish brand (china glaze) and without using nail quicken as a top-coat, but it happend again, this time the polish chiped!!

now, i've tryed again using both, one as base,the other as topcoat and using another color of china glaze and this time nothing happend!!

Really weird thing!... i don't have an explanation for this, the only thing i can think of is that maybe some nail polishes are not compatibile with those products.

But over all  i have to say that i like those 2 nail tek products :D

Rimmel nail polish remover.

when i apply polish on my nails i try my best to make it last longer by applying 2 coats of the polish and 1 coat or even 2 coats of top-coat, same thing when making elaborate nail art decorations, full of details, glitters, rhinestons and so on..... i apply tons of clear polish to seal everything up.

The hardest thing comes when it's time to remove the nail laquer or anything else applyed on nails; And here come the nail polish remover!

I've tryed  hundreds of them, with acetone, 100% acetone, without acetone, bi-phases.....and nothing really satisfied me; Finally i found the perfect nail polish remover, it's RIMMEL nail polish remover NOURISHING.

It does contain acetone and i know that is no good for nails BUT, it also contains glycerin & vitamin E that gives nutrision to the nails and prevents the nails from dehydration.

The best two things about it are the smell: really good, i can't define it though but it's similar to sweets.

and the second is how fast it removes any kind of polish & glitters, without even have to wip or rub very hard on the nails.

what else to say!?!  leaves the nails moisturized and the hands nice smelling.

oh, and the price is from 1,80€ to 3,70€ ( 2,45$ to 3,70$) for 100ml, it' depends on where i buy it.

Review: china glaze short & sassy

On the previous post of the china glazes swatches i didn't add the fourth color and that because i wanted to dedicate for it an entire post.

I must say that this china glaze color "short & sassy" from the diva retro collection is so far the best color i've ever tryed! i'm so in love with it!First of all i must say that the pictures does not do it justice at all!... i've tryed to do my best to make the color on photos look  exactly as it it.

This color has an extremely smooth texture, and it's the most pigmented nail polish i've ever seen, one coat of it is more than enough to get a full coverage.

it's a very dark red color with lighter red shimmers in it so the effect is a vibrant, hot, sexy color :p

(firts picture taken indoor near a lamp with no flash, second taken outdoor on daylight with no flash)

Update: China Glaze nail polishes

ok, finally i've made it to try all the 4 colors from china glaze on my nails and take, as much as i could, good pictures in different lightings.

Usually i apply nail polish at night, right after dinner while sitting on the couch watching tv and when it's time to take pictures of my nails i can't find the right spot of  light to get the best resault of the color, and most of the times my camera does not do a justice to the colors. that's why i take several shots in different lights, with and without flash, and in the morning after i take other shots on daylight.... I'm just trying to be as fair as possible :)

so the first one is the matt finish "turned up torquoise (neon)

(took this picture near a lamp with no flash)

(this one was taken indoor with flash).

I know that they seem totally 2 different colors! but they are not ! hihihi

the second color is "swing baby", i'm not really satisfied with this color, i don't like it as much as i like the other ones and i found out that i already have a very similar color from another brand (kiko) i will probably swatch it sooner or later.

the third one is a brown shimmery color, shimmers are into gold and it's called "goin' my way".

first picture taken indoor without flash, second one taken indoor with flash.

china glaze polishes

i've always wanted to own those polishes but for the reasons exposed in  the about section, i couldn't even buy one.

Few days ago while searching the internet i found a german website that sells chinaglaze and other brands that are hard to find in europe ; I couldn't believe my eyes, there were a lot of collections and hundreds of colors; wish i could buy them all but since they costs around 6€ (8$) each, i just got 5 :)

Starting from the very left:

Turned up turquoise (neon) it's a mat turquoise color but yet has a very light sparkle,so it's not 100% mat, two coats to get the best resault.

Goin' my way? from the vintage vixen collection,it's a brownish shimmery color, perfect for autumn & winter time, i am amaized of how much pigmented this color is

Short & sassy from the reto diva collection, my favourite out of the 4 colors i got, highly pigmented too and applying one coat of it is more than enough! is an intense dark red, very romantic and sexy. LOVE it!

Swing baby also from the vintage vixen collection, so it's shimmery plus it has very small glitters, the color is an old gold. Didn't try it yet.

Last one is the First & Last topcoat (i tought that this was a mat topcoat because is indicated on the website and because the bottle is mat, but it's not!)

Overall I must say that i'm very satisfied with those polishes :D

The seller also sent me 2 samples from Barry M dazzle dust loose powders (Green parrot & Old gold).

Introduction to Tami nail art & polishes

Hello ya'll curious people, nail art freaks and non!! :)
So here i'm starting my new blog on nail art & polishes.
Some of you may already know me from my youtube channle where i make nail art tutorials for short & long nails, some simple and some more elaborate.

I'm Tami and I'm one of those Nail Art addict girls out there that can't resist to show off the colorful world of  nail art & polishes...

On this blog you will mainly find all about polishes, nail care, nail & hands products, nail art stuff, reviews, hauls, swatches... and so on...
I don't have  a favourite specific brand, anything works fine for me as long as it has a nice color a good texture and not causing any damage on my nails.
And ofcourse i like to feel my pockets heavy :-P  i mean i'm always looking for the best prices on the internet and i prefer to have like 5 different low cost nail polishes rather than have 1 color of an expensive brand.
I don't usually buy alot form local stores because beauty related products are expensive where i live (Italy). But  from time to time I also like to try out high end brands and compare (swatch) them with other lower brands.
Disclaimar: i'm not affiliated to any nail art or beauty related company, i'm not getting paid to review, to show, to talk about what i write on this blog.
everything i say is my personal opinion.
Copyrights: All posts are written by me, it not allowed to copy any part of them not even with credits given.

hope to fill this blog with a lot of usefull nice comments and if you like them just follow me ^_^