Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update: China Glaze nail polishes

ok, finally i've made it to try all the 4 colors from china glaze on my nails and take, as much as i could, good pictures in different lightings.

Usually i apply nail polish at night, right after dinner while sitting on the couch watching tv and when it's time to take pictures of my nails i can't find the right spot of  light to get the best resault of the color, and most of the times my camera does not do a justice to the colors. that's why i take several shots in different lights, with and without flash, and in the morning after i take other shots on daylight.... I'm just trying to be as fair as possible :)

so the first one is the matt finish "turned up torquoise (neon)

(took this picture near a lamp with no flash)

(this one was taken indoor with flash).

I know that they seem totally 2 different colors! but they are not ! hihihi

the second color is "swing baby", i'm not really satisfied with this color, i don't like it as much as i like the other ones and i found out that i already have a very similar color from another brand (kiko) i will probably swatch it sooner or later.

the third one is a brown shimmery color, shimmers are into gold and it's called "goin' my way".

first picture taken indoor without flash, second one taken indoor with flash.

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