Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NailTek-the natural nail experts

Two week ago i bought from ebay two products of nailTek, i heard that their products are very good so i wanted to try them out my self; Since my nails are really weak i got the Nailtek 2 (nail tek II) intensive therapy for soft peeling nails, this formula is specific for nails that are thin soft and tend to peel or break  easly, and that is my case!  In the little guide paper that came along in the box of the nail polish says that it works by sealing the layers of the nail together and withtime, it thickens the nails while promoting strength and flexibility.

For now i can't tell how good it is, but by far the 3-4 applications i put seems that made a very little positive effect for the peeling issue of my nails! :)

The other product i bought is Nail Tek Quicken (fast setting polish dryer), the title says it all, it really works fine! ofcourse there's nothing in the world that drys nail polishes in the blink of an eye, but didn't ever happend that you apply 2-3 coats of polish and then you wait like forever for it to dry?! and then after hours you think  it's completley dry but as soon as you look at your nails again you find they have little scratches and smudges?!? well, this happens every time with me and with nail tek quicken i've finally solved this problem.

BUT, there's one thing that i didn't like of one or the other product (i'm not sure yet). The first time i applyed both of them, using the intensive therapy as a base then a maybelline polish and nailtek quicken as top coat, the day after the nail polish started to peel (like if it's a very thin sheet or sticker!!)

so i tryed again but using another polish brand (china glaze) and without using nail quicken as a top-coat, but it happend again, this time the polish chiped!!

now, i've tryed again using both, one as base,the other as topcoat and using another color of china glaze and this time nothing happend!!

Really weird thing!... i don't have an explanation for this, the only thing i can think of is that maybe some nail polishes are not compatibile with those products.

But over all  i have to say that i like those 2 nail tek products :D

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  1. Tami, so good to see your new blog :) I love the design so far!
    one thing - I can't see the pictures, something to do with importing from your previous blog maybe?
    or just my computer! :)

    looking forward to lots of posts ;)