Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rimmel nail polish remover.

when i apply polish on my nails i try my best to make it last longer by applying 2 coats of the polish and 1 coat or even 2 coats of top-coat, same thing when making elaborate nail art decorations, full of details, glitters, rhinestons and so on..... i apply tons of clear polish to seal everything up.

The hardest thing comes when it's time to remove the nail laquer or anything else applyed on nails; And here come the nail polish remover!

I've tryed  hundreds of them, with acetone, 100% acetone, without acetone, bi-phases.....and nothing really satisfied me; Finally i found the perfect nail polish remover, it's RIMMEL nail polish remover NOURISHING.

It does contain acetone and i know that is no good for nails BUT, it also contains glycerin & vitamin E that gives nutrision to the nails and prevents the nails from dehydration.

The best two things about it are the smell: really good, i can't define it though but it's similar to sweets.

and the second is how fast it removes any kind of polish & glitters, without even have to wip or rub very hard on the nails.

what else to say!?!  leaves the nails moisturized and the hands nice smelling.

oh, and the price is from 1,80€ to 3,70€ ( 2,45$ to 3,70$) for 100ml, it' depends on where i buy it.

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