Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introduction to Tami nail art & polishes

Hello ya'll curious people, nail art freaks and non!! :)
So here i'm starting my new blog on nail art & polishes.
Some of you may already know me from my youtube channle where i make nail art tutorials for short & long nails, some simple and some more elaborate.

I'm Tami and I'm one of those Nail Art addict girls out there that can't resist to show off the colorful world of  nail art & polishes...

On this blog you will mainly find all about polishes, nail care, nail & hands products, nail art stuff, reviews, hauls, swatches... and so on...
I don't have  a favourite specific brand, anything works fine for me as long as it has a nice color a good texture and not causing any damage on my nails.
And ofcourse i like to feel my pockets heavy :-P  i mean i'm always looking for the best prices on the internet and i prefer to have like 5 different low cost nail polishes rather than have 1 color of an expensive brand.
I don't usually buy alot form local stores because beauty related products are expensive where i live (Italy). But  from time to time I also like to try out high end brands and compare (swatch) them with other lower brands.
Disclaimar: i'm not affiliated to any nail art or beauty related company, i'm not getting paid to review, to show, to talk about what i write on this blog.
everything i say is my personal opinion.
Copyrights: All posts are written by me, it not allowed to copy any part of them not even with credits given.

hope to fill this blog with a lot of usefull nice comments and if you like them just follow me ^_^

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