Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gosh Polishes: Hot Pink FLAMINGO N° 569

Those 8 Gosh nail polishes were all sent to me by my sweet talented youtube friend Tanja ^_^ you can check her channel here.
In italy they don't sell this brand so she was so kind to let me try some of them.

the colors and names from the very left are:
566         Metallic blue
540                  Ocean
548         Green hawaii
568      Metallic purple
541               Gasoline
02                  Pearl
562           Magic star
(note: the hot pink one is not included in the picture above)

Today i want to review the hot pink pastel one called Flamingo n° 569

This lovely pink is so intence and girly, it's a pastel color with no shimmers or glitters (i love pastel colors!) the texture is so smooth and with 2 coats you get the perfect color.

pictures taken with flash, on natural light this color looks just a bit darker.

i will soon review the other colors.


  1. I need to send you some more ^^ you've sent me so many Kiko polishes hehe :)

  2. @Tanja you don't have to, u've sent me so many stuff other than polishes!! ^_^ i could never stop thank u