Wednesday, December 15, 2010

china glaze polishes

i've always wanted to own those polishes but for the reasons exposed in  the about section, i couldn't even buy one.

Few days ago while searching the internet i found a german website that sells chinaglaze and other brands that are hard to find in europe ; I couldn't believe my eyes, there were a lot of collections and hundreds of colors; wish i could buy them all but since they costs around 6€ (8$) each, i just got 5 :)

Starting from the very left:

Turned up turquoise (neon) it's a mat turquoise color but yet has a very light sparkle,so it's not 100% mat, two coats to get the best resault.

Goin' my way? from the vintage vixen collection,it's a brownish shimmery color, perfect for autumn & winter time, i am amaized of how much pigmented this color is

Short & sassy from the reto diva collection, my favourite out of the 4 colors i got, highly pigmented too and applying one coat of it is more than enough! is an intense dark red, very romantic and sexy. LOVE it!

Swing baby also from the vintage vixen collection, so it's shimmery plus it has very small glitters, the color is an old gold. Didn't try it yet.

Last one is the First & Last topcoat (i tought that this was a mat topcoat because is indicated on the website and because the bottle is mat, but it's not!)

Overall I must say that i'm very satisfied with those polishes :D

The seller also sent me 2 samples from Barry M dazzle dust loose powders (Green parrot & Old gold).

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